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Tweet #1

Added !temp check [Regname/ID] to check how long a temp'd user has left for that rank. You can also check your own temp time with !acc [Your ID/Regname]

Posted by FEXStaff on Twitter.

Tweet #2

Thought we were fast before? Now all delays between messages have been removed. Thanks to xat removing the limit for bots!

Posted by FEXStaff on Twitter.

Tweet #3

Added 7 days to all bots for the instability we've been going through recently. It should be way better starting now. Thank you all for being patient.

Posted by FEXStaff on Twitter.

Tweet #4

48 hours of bot time has been compensated to all bots for the recent site & occasional bot downtime.

Posted by FEXStaff on Twitter.

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