Changes to commands pertaining to bans that require some powers

Xat made some recent changes where they have bot services check the user for their powers before using certain commands that use powers. All !varietyban commands now require you to own the specified power before using it, along with some other commands. Below you will see the selected commands that you can on yourself only if you do not own the power.
Commands Associated Power Required Allowed to use on self without power
!game snakeban (!snakeban) & !varietyban snakeban Snakeban
!game spaceban (!spaceban) & !varietyban spaceban Spaceban
!game matchban (!matchban) & !varietyban matchban Matchban
!game mazeban (!mazeban) & !varietyban mazeban Mazeban
!game codeban (!codeban) & !varietyban codeban Codeban
!game reverseban (!reverseban) & !varietyban reverseban Reverse
!game zipban (!zipban) & !varietyban zipban Zip
!game slotban (!slotban) & !varietyban slotban Slotban
!badge & !unbadge Badge
!dunce & !undunce Dunce
!naughtystep & !unnaughtystep Naughtystep
!yellowcard & !unyellowcard Yellowcard
!varietyban flipban Flipban
!zap Zap
!boot Boot