Welcome to the FEXTools page.

Free vs Paid:

Free bot Paid bot
Allowed running time: 12 hours.
Start availability: First come, first serve. Main priority.
Bot commands: Limited (Hover to see list). All.
Chat moderation:
FEXBot everypower account:
FEXBots' chat support:
FEXBot games (Hangman, madgab, scramble, trivia, random and typerace):
Allow or disallow assistants from "activating" (only used when bot owner needs assistance):
Ability to change default pool:
Ability to add custom commands, aliases and responses:
Appearance (name, status, etc) customization:
Access to logs:
Multilingual translations:
Auto start:
Turning powers ON/OFF:
Ability to use other modes:

Requirements to use the FREE bot:
1. Your FEX ID must have no time left.
2. There must be slots open. (If your FEX has no time left, it will show you if slots are available and if your bot is capable of being a free bot)