Welcome to the FEXTools page.

Why choose FEXBots?

Why are we better than our competitors?
1. FEXBots are worth the price. At 1,000 xats per 45 days or 667 xats per month, you get a ton of features.
2. Customization: We offer complete customization of your bot. You can change pretty much anything on your bot. You can add responses, edit command minranks, and even create your own custom commands!
3. Commands: Our commands are different than any other bot. They are simple and easy to use. Our commands page is updated each time a new command is released. We also accept command suggestions, and you'll even be rewarded if the suggestion is accepted!
4. Promotion: When your chat is promoted and the bot is online, your bot gets free time added!
5. Asking for help has never been easier: With staff from different countries and timezones, we're sure you'd find one online that can help you in any language you need.
6. FEXBot has several game modes, and lots of other game commands to keep your chat's users entertained.
7. FEX is used on 17 official xat chats, and your chat is next!

What's the difference between FEXBots and other bots?
1. Quick commands.
2.More commands
1. This includes the subcommands.
2. We have over 200.
1. We don't limit features, you can really customize the bot to how you want it.
4.Command responses
1. We strive to use proper grammar and formats that are not an eye-sore to look at.
5.Professional website & panel
1. Our panel and advanced panel have everything you could ask for in order to customize your bot.
2. They are also responsive and easy to look at and easy to find things.